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April President's Letter

April marks thirteen years in business for my home care agency, Visiting Angels. It is not lost on me that we have been able to thrive in the roller coaster economy that has been this past decade plus … and for our success I am truly grateful. April also marks the third anniversary of my mother's passing. I miss her every day, but especially when we hit a milestone, achieve a goal or receive any accolades, as she was my biggest fan and our businesses biggest supporter.

In 1999, my parents made a relatively small investment. They gave my husband and me $10,000 as a down payment for our first house. This was not pocket change for them. They chose to take an inheritance my dad had received, and instead of a vacation or padding their retirement, they made a gift to our family. We loved that little stucco house, but as kids came along, we upgraded to another home. By this point, real estate markets were crazy (anyone remember 2005?), and out of a desire to be closer to home, we sold that second house and moved to Vancouver, with what felt like a fortune in the bank. Out of a desire to own a business, and with the freedom to do a little research, that "fortune" in the bank allowed us to purchase our business, a franchise, and self-fund our start-up.

We work hard. We re-invest a lot into our company and our employees, and we have built something I am extremely proud of. Something I know my mom would be proud of as well. And we only see growth and exciting things for our future! As our relationships with referral partners and industry colleagues grow, I get to dream big things and host ideas I never would have imagined even ten years ago.

Why am I sharing this? Why am I peeling back my story and revealing these things? Because I think, as women who know me and support me, you ought to know how I got started. Because in 1999, when I was knee-deep in diapers and fretting about Y2K and the latest cliffhanger on ER, I received a gift that has allowed me to dream big dreams, provide for my family in a way I never thought possible, and have a platform alongside women like yourselves. I think our stories are important. We've all taken different routes in life and in business, and I'm always fascinated to hear how our stories began.

Isn't life fantastic?!

Amy Loudenback, President

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