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April President's Letter

The world has undoubtedly changed overnight. The COVID-19 virus has turned off the flow of commerce in many of our respective businesses.

In my podcast called A Leg Up On Life, I interview highly successful individuals with disabilities. There's one common theme I've noticed in each of my guests—they are resilient. 

The word "resilience" is bouncing around the internet like a ping pong ball. What does it mean, and why is it essential for us as individuals and for our companies? 

The meaning, as defined by Merriam-Webster's Online Dictionary, is:

1: the capability of a strained body to recover its size and shape after deformation caused especially by compressive stress. 

2: an ability to recover from or adjust easily to misfortune or change. In my world, resilience is the ability to adapt and shine even when the odds seem stacked against you. It is a choice to flourish and grow anywhere you find yourself planted in life, even in your living room!    

Here's the deal. Being resilient doesn't change the facts or the specific details of what has occurred. It's not living in denial or acting as if nothing is wrong or painful. What it does is shed new light on the same situation and put it in a new perspective so that you can grow stronger and create something beautiful out of a tough place.

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