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December President's Letter

Holidays are synonymous with the traditions that anchor us to the past. Christmas Eve was the time when my family used to gather with all the aunts, uncles, and cousins. Then we began to have kids of our own, so we quit getting together on the night before Christmas. Suddenly, my family had an opportunity to create a new tradition that was ours alone. So for many years, while my kids were young, we went out for sushi and a movie.

I'm sure you could share a story about your family's holiday traditions. WEO also celebrates the annual festivities with our version of the holiday party. Except for this year—we're going to change it up a bit! Although I'm not sure you could say it's as untraditional as sushi on Christmas Eve, but hang onto your hats, nonetheless.

The WEO Programs Committee has invited numerous vendor sponsors to set up tables around the room. Get ready to finish up your last-minute shopping!

Rather than the regular WEO gift exchange, we ask that you bring a gift (it is optional) for Pot Of Gold. With the expanded Pot Of Gold, we plan to raise a ton of money to donate to YWCA.

Here's what will remain the same:

— Lots of fun and networking with other businesswomen

— A delicious dinner and a delightful dessert

— Entertaining Games

— WEO's support of women in our community

You will not want to miss this year's Holiday Snow Ball—WEO's Dinner in White.


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