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January President's Letter

Welcome to 2019!

I hope you all have enjoyed a lovely holiday season, I know I have. Our WEO Holiday Party in December was a highlight for sure: we played super fun games, crowned Terri Klinski as the "Modern Mrs Claus," welcomed a new member, exchanged wonderful gifts and raised over $650 for the YWCA women's shelter!

During my opening remarks, I shared my word for the upcoming year: Simplicity. Do you pick a key word or theme for the year? I have the past few years, and I find it's a good tool in both my personal life and business. Last year I focused on "me" — I resisted such a self-serving word (who chooses "me" as their word of the year?), and I tried to select something more acceptable (focus, inspire, reflection) but nothing else would stick.

I was stuck with "me" and decided to make the most of it. I spent 2018 looking inward, I sought out relationships that I knew were healthy and beneficial for me, I made self-care a priority and I spoke my mind when I may have remained silent otherwise. I found that making decisions with "me" in mind usually had a positive result for those around me. My friendships were strengthened, my family and my body are healthy, my business has grown and I am ending the year with a ton of ideas and goals for the future.

A year of "me" turned out pretty good, so when I couldn't shake "simplicity" as my 2019 word, I knew it was meant to be. I'm still anticipating how this will play out. I have visions of de-cluttered spaces, capsule wardrobing and streamlined meal planning, and for the most part these pair well with the self-care of 2018's "me" vision. But I am really excited to see what else "simplicity" has in store for me, particularly in my business. I spent the last week of December cleaning off my desk, finishing year-end projects and getting my office ready for 2019 … my Year of Simplicity.

What about you? What is your word for 2019? What will be the filter you use to set goals and how will you measure success? I'd love to hear from you all. You can message me privately, or post your word in our WEO Facebook page. Let's enter into this new year shoulder to shoulder, a sisterhood of women committed to building each other up and cheering each other along— it's really the best way!

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