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July President's Letter

My birthday was in June and my office staff gave me a gift card to my favorite clothing store. I was so excited, because after being cooped up for the past few months, I had a strong desire to go shopping. One week after receiving the gift card, an email fell into my inbox announcing that the store was open for business, and I could swing in anytime during their reduced hours and shop to my heart’s content.

I drove thirty minutes to the only local mall that still housed my store and easily parked in one of the hundreds available spots. The mall looked like a shadow of its former self, with only a few patrons scattered about. I was not deterred and confidently entered the shop, gift card in hand. I was prepared to load up with dozens of items to take to the fitting room.

“You’re only allowed to try on five items,” the clerk declared as she ran through the litany of new rules.


For clarification I asked, “Do you mean only five at a time?”

“Only five items—period,” came her answer.


How could I find anything that fit with only five articles to chose from? With careful consideration for both size and style, I made my selections, and joyfully found that two of the five were winners. My brief shopping trip was not what I envisioned, but it was balm to my soul nonetheless.

I cannot wait to gather with my WEO sisters in the next couple of months, but I have a feeling the experience may look differently than what I expect. In July, we plan to gather for a casual Happy Hour on the patio at Heathen Brewery. Our traditional Summer Social is tentatively set for August 12th at Bethany Winery. There will be new rules to follow. We may have to wear masks. We may have to limit the number of attendees. There will likely be more restrictions and considerations than we’ve had to deal with in the past.

And it will be wonderful to see you in person again! For now, may I suggest that we simply revel in just being together and put aside our notions of how it should be. There is beauty in everything if we will look for it. And just like my shopping trip, you may go home with a couple of treasures.

Roni Sasak, WEO President


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