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June President's Letter

Summer, I'm here for it!

Have you had a chance to see our summer line-up? WEO is showing up this season, and I am quite excited. Will I see you there? Will you be joining me to learn about international travel, relax in the vineyard, Happy Hour on the patio and celebrate all that we are and hope to become? The next few months have a lot in store for WEO, and I encourage you to take full advantage—I know I am! Let me highlight a couple things.

June's dinner meeting, featuring Shyla Esko Bare, will focus on women who travel. This will be informative and important, whether you plan to spend a weekend at the beach or a month in the Tuscan sun. Of course, we will also have our all-important and oh-so-valuable Table Talk time, which should not be underestimated. Last month at my table, Roni Sasaki mentioned she needed recommendations for guests to interview on her podcast. Within minutes she had a list, and I noticed last week she posted her interview with Shaun Williams, as suggested by our own Michelle Williams...made possible by a WEO meeting! And let's not forget Pot Of Gold. I currently have the softest hands (even after yard work), thanks to Terri Klinski and the Arbonne Shea lotion I won! I'm telling you, our meetings are extremely beneficial.

An Evening at the Vineyard, our July Summer Social at Bethany Winery, is going to be a delight. I cannot wait. It is truly a beautiful location, and your Programs committee is putting together a fun, relaxing, engaging event. We have sold more than half the tickets already, and trust me, we will sell out soon.

August used to be the month WEO didn't meet. And although we don't have a traditional dinner meeting, our annual August Happy Hour has become a fun way to catch up with one another. We will meet again this year at Heathen's Feral Public House in downtown Vancouver. There is no ticket fee, just come hang out on the patio and treat yourself to whatever food and drinks you choose. This is a great venue for friends and colleagues that may be interested in learning more about WEO...we won't have a formal agenda, but we'll be sure and have membership information available. September...oh, September, how we look forward to all you have to offer! I won't spoil too many surprises, but suffice it to say, this will be a wonderful meeting. One highlight, our annual awards, will be once again a fantastic opportunity to celebrate the wonderful women of WEO! I can't wait, this Summer is going to be really special, and I look forward to sharing it with you all!

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