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March President's Letter

As a child, I dreamed that one day I’d become a country western singer. I can sing pretty well and sang in my church while growing up. The problem was that I only had one leg! Now perhaps you’re wondering what in the world my leg had to do with becoming a singer.

The problem was that I could not wear shoes with high heels! In my mind, they were a prerequisite for being on stage. I could not possibly sing while wearing flat heeled shoes!

I laugh now at the ridiculousness of the perceived barrier that knocked my dream out of the realm of possibility. After all, think of all the singers who have developed a brand where they only wear high-top tennis shoes or some such design. Didn’t anybody tell them that they should only wear high heels?

Let me ask you this—what has stopped you from reaching one of your dreams? Is it a real problem, or one you just imagined? One reason we are in business is to reach a goal and fulfill a dream. I’d like to challenge each of us to dig deep and see if there is anything that is holding us back from making it to the level we desire.

WEO is a perfect place to share your dreams with like-minded entrepreneurs and find support. During the next few months, we’ve got speakers who will provide expert advice to help you grow your business. I’ll see you there, but I’ll be wearing flat shoes, so please don’t ask me to sing.


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