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May President's Letter

Many of you know that I was a competitive ski racer. I like to correlate the principles of ski racing to the practice of building a successful business.

The only races I won were those where I felt completely out of control. I sensed that at any moment, I could blow out of the course and crash and burn.

Surprisingly, the races where I perceived that I had a great run, I was too slow to win a medal. I don't know about you, but I like to feel in control!

How do you feel when you're overwhelmed, and stuff is flying at you from all directions? I get a flutter in my gut that grows till it becomes a full-blown sense of gnawing. I've learned to get excited and embrace that sensation and recognize it as an opportunity that is knocking at my door.

Getting comfortable with losing control is to admit that we have limitations. You've heard of getting out of your comfort zone, but this is so much more. It's a matter of trust and release, rather than reckless and crazy.

I'm not talking about losing control of your anger, emotions, or body. I'm talking about releasing the power that you may think you have to exert over all that's going on around you. A common fear is to believe that you won't be able to handle too much or the unknown. When that niggling sense of losing control begins to move in, welcome it and know that you've just entered into the win-zone. Look around you with wonder because there are opportunities that abound in that space.

WEO President, Roni Sasaki

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