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May President's Letter

Updated: May 27, 2018

WEO President Amy Morgan Loudenback shares her thoughts about the coming month

I love learning! I always have. I was the kid who did her homework on the bus because I just couldn’t wait until I got home. If my math assignment was 1-20 and there were 40 problems on the page, I did them all. I read my children’s encyclopedias like they were novels, and I’ve always preferred a good documentary to a sappy love story.

I guess that explains why being an entrepreneur came easily and naturally for me. I was never content with a “job”. I always wanted more; more of a challenge, more to learn, more ways to grow personally and professionally. It isn’t always easy though; responsibilities, both with family and work, make it increasingly difficult to find time for new pursuits.

Enter WEO! What a gift this organization has been for this learner of new things. I have been so blessed by the speakers we’ve had these past few months. Were you at the April meeting? I have been talking to (and warning) everyone who will listen to me about fraud!

After our March meeting with the Slumberkins gals, I have changed how I interact on social media (and just sent the sweetest little Big Foot to a friend’s new baby). And our May meeting is looking to be really special. I mentioned earlier how much I love being an entrepreneur, how learning new things and growing my business are a delightful challenge, but I know I’ve only scratched the surface. I am eager to hear from Lucia Worthington, eager to learn and discover and apply ideas to my own business.

May is such a great month to celebrate small businesses. We are in the thick of graduation season, so much planning and preparing and dreaming. And right smack in the middle of Springtime, where every day nature is showing off, teaching us about beauty and reminding us to continue learning. So I hope you’ll join us on May 16th, and come ready to learn!

~ from the desk of Amy Loudenback, WEO President

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