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October President's Letter

"You should join WEO!" said Ronnie Noize, the Marketing Coach and founder of DIY Marketing Center.

"What is WEO?" I asked.

"WEO is short for Women Entrepreneurs Organization. We are the premier business group for women in Clark County." She went on to paint a picture of a support team where education, encouragement, and friendship were the primary focus. I applied for membership and attended my first meeting in the spring of 2010.

Now over nine years later, I am stepping into the role of president. WEO has been everything promised and more. There is nothing easy about owning a business, and at times it can be quite lonely. The ladies of WEO have been there to fill the gaps and offer solutions, assistance, and encouragement when needed. There have also been multiple opportunities for personal growth and practical leadership experience.

I am honored and thrilled to lead WEO for the next two years. My goal is to adhere to the values and mission established by our founders, while also staying relevant to the rapidly changing world where we live and do business.

Whether you are a founding member or a new member or somewhere between, I invite you to step up your game and get involved. As with anything, you will get out of it as much as you put in. I want to get to know you and offer that same encouragement, support, and assistance that I have received in abundance from WEO.

If you are not a member, then I'll tell you the same thing that Ronnie Noize said to me all those years ago.

"You should join WEO!"


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