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September President's Letter

Preparing for our upcoming meeting, our Fifth Annual Awards Gala, I’ve spent time reflecting on the past year. Our WEO calendar operates October through September, making this is our official year-end meeting, and the halfway point for my service as your WEO president.

As a general rule of thumb, I don’t really like to look back. I’m not one to dwell on the past, but prefer to charge forth, plan ahead and dream of the future. But for posterity sake here it goes.

This past year held a lot of changes for WEO, our venue and website being the biggest. It’s easy to think things were fine, why rock the boat, leave well enough alone, but faced with financial and workload burdens, I feel we made the right decisions.

I’ve enjoyed our meetings at Warehouse 23, and I am excited about the flexibility and potential we have moving forward at Green Meadows (see…I can’t help myself, always looking ahead). I also think making the move to Eventbrite for our ticketing and reservations has been a good call, several guests at our August Happy Hour found us through their app.

More importantly though, and my favorite way to reflect upon an experience, is by people and relationships. The support and sisterhood that I have had the privilege to share with you lovely ladies, is unforgettable! The community and alliances we have built are very special, and I am thankful and blessed to call you my friends.

As we roll into this next fiscal year, may we continue to sharpen our friendships, learning from and leaning on one another – because isn’t that the point? The mission of WEO is to support, instruct and inspire while expanding our businesses. May we continue to serve each other well!

~ Amy Loudenback, WEO President


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